Heavenly scent Professionals - They did not do half of the service they claimed to do.

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When my family and I hired Heavenly Scent Professionals to clean our house that was just moved out of. I was told they clean the kitchen ( cabinets, oven, fridge ect).. As well as windows and blinds, wall and fixtures. The floor was moped with a chemical which had an extreme bad odor that left strikes everywhere they attempted to mop. None of the windows were even touched or any fixtures in our home. It took a team of two over an hour to clean the fridge. That all that was needed was a quick over. As well as two hours on two room that had nothing left in them. All in all a house that should have taken a two hours max for a intense clean.

Also when we were told it would be a team of four and only two showed up... Both of the ladies that came had horrible manors and would ignore anything that they were asked to start working on first...

Heavenly Scents Professionals also told me it would be a total of two hundred and the. Went on to charge me 290.75 when I told them I did not want them to charge my card. The manager then told me rather I was happy or not or I agreed with the price or not.. That's what I was going to be charge because they showed up... The maids that come with this company and it management are VERY rude and will take as long as possible to make more money..

If you want your house to be cleaned and be charge what they said it would cost not over the amount then do not hire this company.

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